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So, who are we? We're Teslas Drones, a bunch of tech enthusiasts, drone aficionados, and big-time nerds who believe our love for tech can genuinely make the world a better place.


We started Teslas Drones because we saw the potential to change the game—not just for us but for our communities and the environment too.


We all love using our drones to capture stunning visuals, of course, but there's so much more to us. From conducting search and rescue drone missions for free to teaching the next generation of drone pilots, we're here to prove that a tech business can have a big heart.

Our dream? To make the world a little better, one flight at a time. Whether that's by planting a tree for every job we get or making sure our pilots have stable, rewarding jobs, we're all in. We're lucky enough to call Washington our home, and we're committed to giving back to this incredible place that inspires us every day.

Our mission: To make the world a better place and prove that companies can—and should—look beyond profit, focusing on how they can contribute positively to society and the environment.

Our team is made up of dedicated, full-time drone pilots who aren't just here for a paycheck. They're part of the community, sharing their passion and expertise wherever they can. We love what we do, we love making a positive impact, and we're excited about the future.

So, that’s us in a nutshell: a little nerdy, deeply committed to bettering the world, and all about spreading our love for drones. If that sounds like a team you’d like to know more about—or maybe even join—give us a call. We’re always up for a chat or ready to collaborate on a project that can use a little aerial magic. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know us! 

Revolutionizing the Industry, Supporting the Community

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drone photography services, drone photography, drone services, drone services near me, drone service companies, aerial drone services, drone services washington, drone pilots, drone pilots near me, teslas drones


drone photography services, drone photography, drone services, drone services near me, drone service companies, aerial drone services, drone services washington, drone pilots, drone pilots near me, teslas drones
Edmonds Community College

Twice a month, our owners Archer Tesla and Caleb Droge head over to The Facility Makerspace at Edmonds Community College. Why? To run the Flight Club—a place where drone buffs and newbies alike come together to fly, learn, and share in the drone love.

The story began when David Voetmann from the college reached out with a mission: to revive their drone club. The previous attempts hadn’t quite taken off as hoped and interest was dwindling. Enter Teslas Drones! We jumped at the chance to help and bring some fresh energy to the club.

During these club meetings, Archer and Caleb don’t just teach the nuts and bolts of drone flying. They dive into the essentials of drone safety, the thrills of aerial creativity, and the importance of responsible piloting. But it’s not all lectures and note-taking. Every session is interactive, filled with hands-on flying time, and, most importantly, a chance to connect.


Students and community members exchange ideas, challenge each other, and grow together. We’re not just teaching drone skills; we’re building a community network that’s all about support, innovation, and mutual growth. The Facility Makerspace is more than just a room with cool gadgets; it’s a community hub designed to spark interest in engineering and technology. It’s the perfect spot for us to give back, share knowledge, and build a community for everyone.


We’re here to show that drones can do more than just capture breathtaking views—they can bring people together and create a buzzing hub of shared passions and aspirations.

The Official Drone Club of the Northwest

We noticed a problem here in Washington State, there were no dedicated drone clubs where hobbyists could fly, share, learn, and enjoy their passion. Plus, with the often misunderstood nature of drones leading to tough regulations and public stigmas, many were unsure where they could fly without stepping on legal toes or being threatened by the public.


That’s when we decided it was time to act. We envisioned a club that would not only offer a friendly space for flying but also serve as a hub for education and community building.

Our club is all about making drone flying accessible, educational, and, most importantly, fun! We've worked hard to secure permissions from landowners and city parks, providing safe and legal spaces for our members to enjoy their passion. By doing this, we keep new pilots from unintentionally breaking the law due to the complex drone laws specific to our region.

Our club operates on a simple principle: knowledge should be free and accessible to everyone interested in drones. That’s why joining our group costs absolutely nothing.

 Archer Tesla and Caleb Droge, our owners, are always on-site at club events. They don’t just oversee; they engage, share, and inspire. They believe in building a community where information and experiences are shared openly, fostering a culture of learning and mutual respect.

We invite you to join us at our next event—bring your drone, share your stories, and maybe even learn something new.  Check out our Facebook group or keep an eye on our events page!

Edmonds College Flyers Club

Our partnership with the Edmonds College Flyers Club started when we met the college's Workforce Outreach Specialist, Kim Waller. Kim, who’s got aviation running through her veins, shifted her love from flying planes to soaring drones, and now she’s all about getting the next generation up in the air.


We crossed paths with Kim at our own Flight Club at the Makerspace. Kim joined us with a mission—to get her students actively engaged in the world of drones. It didn’t take long for us to see the potential in teaming up to help her and the students at Edmonds Community College to dive deeper into drone tech.

Our collaboration kicked off with us bringing some of our coolest drones to the Flyers Club. But it’s not just about fun and games. Together with Kim, we’ve been attending events to advocate for the legitimacy of drone flying as a career—not just a hobby. We’re on a mission alongside Kim to help everyone—students, faculty, and even skeptical parents—see that drone piloting is a viable and thrilling career path.


Our joint goal is to establish a formal class at the college focused on achieving Part 107 certification. This class would not only prep students for the Part 107 but also open doors to amazing career opportunities in the drone industry!

Together with Kim and the Flyers Club, we're not just teaching them how to operate drones; we’re opening doors to new possibilities and career paths that they might never have considered. We’re helping them see beyond the horizon—into a future where they can lead, innovate, and inspire.

If you're enrolled in Edmonds Community College and want to join the club, or if you're someone who wants to help see this club flourish, feel free to reach out to the club directly! You can send an email to the flyers club via the link below.

Free Search and Rescue

We’re here to contribute, to protect, and to support our community in the most direct ways possible. That’s why our search and rescue missions are free, and always will be.

Why do we do it? Well, it’s simple: we have the tools, the skills, and the heart to help, so how could we not? When someone’s lost or in danger, or when an animal needs help, every moment counts. That’s where our drones come in—they're fast, cover vast areas, and reach spots that are tough for rescue teams on foot. We started offering these missions for free because we believe that in moments of crisis, the last thing anyone should be thinking about is cost.

This dedication comes from a place of genuine care and a desire to do what’s right. Our founders, Archer and Caleb, are often right there in the thick of it, they'll drop everything to lead searches themselves. To them, and to all of us at Teslas Drones, this isn’t just part of the job—it's a calling.

Curious to see these missions in action or want to learn more about how we do it? Head over to our dedicated Search and Rescue page. It’s where you can see the real impact of these efforts and understand why we pour our hearts into this work.