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Welcome to Teslas Drones, where your project becomes our mission. Forget the hassle of navigating drone services or wondering where to begin. From 3D models to captivating videos, we handle it all with our team of skilled drone pilots and cutting-edge drones.


But we do more than just fly drones—we transform raw footage into your ideal finished product. When it comes to complex and specialized drone needs in Washington, we're the company for you.

As a unique team of skilled drone pilots, adept 3D modelers, creative videographers, and savvy editors, we're capable of solving complex challenges and creating top-tier footage for our clients.

We're here to bring your project to life, no stress, no hassle—just your perfect footage, processed and polished by Washington state's finest drone experts.

We FLY so you don't have to

Teslas Drones Seattle Drone Services
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At Teslas Drones, we understand that your time is valuable, especially when you're steering the helm of a business or managing a crucial project. This is why we are committed to providing more than just exceptional drone services; we offer a partnership that allows you to focus on your project's success!


Explore our videos and photos below to see the beauty of what we create. For a deeper dive into our specialized maps and inspections, our example page is just a click away. Join us in seeing your world from a new and exciting perspective!

Teslas Drones Drone Services
Teslas Drones Drone Services
Teslas Drones Drone Services

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Drone Services Near Me

If you’re exploring drone services for the first time, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Teslas Drones, we understand that the world of drones can be daunting at first, but that's why we’re here, to make your experience as smooth and straightforward as possible. Navigating through drone services doesn't have to be complicated, which is why our expert team is passionate about making drone technology accessible and beneficial for everyone.


Whether you're looking to capture aerial photography, gather detailed data through drone mapping, or record epic indoor drone flights, our team is here to guide you through the process. We understand that each of our clients has unique needs and projects, which is why we take the time to listen and tailor our services to fit exactly what you need. 

Unsure about what exactly you need? We're more than happy to guide you through the capabilities and process of each service, helping you make informed decisions! From the moment you reach out to us, we’re committed to guiding you through the process, helping you understand how our services can best serve your goals, and ensuring you feel confident and informed every step of the way.

Teslas Drones Seattle drone Photography

Create dynamic and engaging videos with smooth, high-definition drone footage. Ideal for marketing, inspections, and documenting important occasions.

Seattle Interior Drone Services

Experience the thrill and precision of first-person view (FPV) and indoor drone flights, offering unparalleled maneuverability and detail for complex indoor spaces and challenging environments.

Teslas Drones topographical drone mapping

Utilize our advanced drones for detailed mapping services, including topographical maps, 3D modeling, and site planning, essential for construction, agriculture, and environmental monitoring.

Teslas Drones Drone Thermal Imaging Services

Leverage thermal imaging to identify heat variations that are invisible to the naked eye, crucial for inspections, wildlife surveys, and search operations.

Teslas Drones Search and Rescue Washington

Committed to community service, we proudly offer free search and rescue services. If you or someone you know is in need of aerial search assistance, our skilled team is ready to help without any cost.

Teslas Drone Services Washington


At Teslas Drones our mission is to provide solutions that free up your time, reduce your workload, and provide you with high-quality outputs that propel your projects forward. All without you having to manage another complex workflow. That's why we ensure that integrating drone technology into your operations is as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

We understand that the challenges and opportunities you face in your industry are unique. This is why our approach is not one-size-fits-all; it’s meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of industries like yours. That's why we've equipped our drones with the latest technology and trained our team to pivot and adapt to your company's needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen closely, act swiftly, and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

If you want to dive deeper into how our specialized drone capabilities can transform the way you work, explore our dedicated industry pages and see how we're helping leaders like you save money, output better quality work, and outpace the competition.

Teslas Drones Real Estate Drone Services

Teslas Drones can provide aerial photography and videography services to real estate agents and brokers to showcase properties from a unique perspective.

Teslas Drones Seattle

Teslas Drones can provide aerial videography services for film and television production companies to capture unique perspectives and enhance production quality.

Teslas Drones Construction Site services

Teslas Drones can perform site inspections, monitor construction progress, and create 3D models of construction sites to aid in planning and design.

Teslas Drones Agricultural drone services

Teslas Drones can perform crop inspections, monitor irrigation systems, and create orthomosaic maps of agricultural fields to aid in yield optimization.

Teslas Drones tower inspection services

Teslas Drones can perform inspections and assessments of property damage to aid in insurance claims and reduce the risk of fraud.

Teslas Drones roof inspection services

Teslas Drones can perform roofing  inspections and identifying areas that need repair so we can provide our clients with more accurate and detailed reports, leading to better repair and maintenance decisions.

Teslas Drones Drone Service Company


"We have hired Tesla Drones on 5 separate occassions and each time we have been very pleased. As full time real estate brokers, our home seller clients want the absolute best marketing. This includes awesome aerial photography and video. Tesla Drones delivers on these high standards. Their quality is excellent and at very competitive prices. Also, Archer and Caleb are professional while also being cool people. I look forward working with them in the future."

Teslas Drones Services

"Caleb and Archer did a video of my proposal, and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out. From concept, to execution and through editing, Teslas Drones turned my dream into reality, and kept it a fun surprise to my fiancee until the critical moment . Outstanding communication, prompt response time, and they even climbed a mountain for me! Great team that was fun to work with. Could not recommend more for anything drone related."

Teslas Drones Drone Services

"Archer and Caleb came out and took some footage for our arborist business. On top of being great people and fun to work with they were present and mindful of the job we needed to get done and were careful not to slow us down. They seemed to know exactly the shots we wanted and were very clearly passionate about their work. You guys are amazing, thank you so much for helping take our business to the next level. I'll be calling you again in the future."

Teslas Drones Drone Photography Seattle
Teslas Drones Services Washington



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More Than Just Drone Services

What sets Teslas Drones apart isn't just our ability to capture stunning aerial footage—though we excel there too—it’s our deeply ingrained commitment to the community and ethical business practices.


When you choose us, you're not just getting exceptional service; you're actively contributing to a greater cause. From reforesting Washington's mountains to providing free search and rescue missions, and educating the next generation of drone enthusiasts, every flight supports our mission to make a difference.

At the core of what sets us apart is our incredible team of local drone pilots. Unlike many national drone companies that rely on underpaid contracted pilots, we're committed to employing our drone pilots full-time. This isn't just about offering them a steady paycheck—it's about providing stable, rewarding careers where we respect and value their skills, and ensure they receive fair wages, benefits, and the job security they deserve. Why? Because it means we hire the best pilots and keep them happy, and happy pilots mean top-notch drone services for you!

We’re not just drone pilots; we’re active community supporters committed to fostering a sustainable and educated future. 

Best drone company near me

100% Legal flying!

All of our drone pilots have their FAA-approved UAV PART 107 license, registration, insurance, and experience

Best Drone Service company Teslas Drones

Our clients took the time to tell Google how amazing we are and we can't thank them enough!

BBB Teslas Drones Accreditation

We are proud to announce our A+ Better Business Bureau Accreditation. As a BBB Accredited Business, we are dedicated to upholding BBB’s Standards of best practices.

Best Drone Service company Teslas Drones

As Seattles' leading drone service provider, we strive to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction


Who will fly the drone for my shoot?

 We’ll review the details of your project to match one of our in-home pilots to your project. We'll make sure our operators specializes in your type of project to ensure safety, proficiency, and high quality results. We also supply our own licensed drones so you don't have to!

What do I do after I submit my project?

All you need to do is sit back while we make the magic happen. We will reach out to you to confirm your project and verify any important details; so keep an eye on your email. We aim to make your life easy and your project exceed your expectations.

What do I do on the day of the shoot?

In most cases you won’t need to lift a finger. If the project includes a restricted access location or requires other permission, please let us know beforehand so that we can coordinate. Additionally, if your project requires interior photography, please ensure our operator has permission and access to the property on the date of the shoot.

How long will it take to get my footage?

Each project is unique and will require different post-flight editing/processing; however, most projects will have delivered footage in 2-5 business days. We will give you an estimate on delivery time at the time of your quote based on your project size and services requested.

Teslas Drones Services near me
Teslas Drones Drone Service Company




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