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Seattle Convention Center

Hello again drone enthusiasts and friends of Teslas Drones! Today, we're thrilled to share another exhilarating project that took us inside the heart of Seattle’s architectural evolution—the Seattle Convention Center. This wasn’t just any job; it was a chance to capture history in the making, and we’re excited to dive into the details with you.

The Mission: More Than Just Flying Drones

We were tasked by ISEC, a renowned ceiling installation company, to capture the transformation of the convention center both before and after their major installation projects. The goal was to create a compelling visual narrative that not only showcased the scale and complexity of the installation but also provided a unique glimpse into the process of building interiors.

The complexity of this project lay not only in its artistic demands but in it's logistical challenges. This project required a total of four separate shoots, each meticulously planned. Caleb, our COO and the mastermind behind our flight operations, took the reins on project planning. He choreographed the drones’ flight paths with precision, turning logistical limitations into an opportunity for creative storytelling.

Our contact at ISEC, Josh, was as enthusiastic as we were. His excitement about our capabilities and the potential impact of the footage was contagious, and soon enough, his higher-ups were just as eager to see the project unfold. It’s not every day that you get to capture a landmark in the making, and Josh’s support opened the doors to this rare experience. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone who is as passionate about their work as we are about ours, and Josh’s excitement about our drone capabilities made this collaboration even more rewarding.

His feedback and insights during the shooting helped us tailor our approach to better meet the needs of the project, ensuring that the final video wasn't just satisfactory, but a product they absolutely loved. It’s collaborations like these that reinforce the value of what we do.

The Challenges of Indoor Drone Filming

Flying drones indoors, especially in a construction environment as dynamic as the Seattle Convention Center, posed unique challenges, but the challenges of this project were as thrilling as they were complex.

  • People and Paperwork: Every takeoff and landing was calculated to ensure minimal disturbance. Our drones had to be extra careful around areas with paperwork, as the slightest draft could lead to important documents flying around.

  • Environmental Hazards: Dust piles and wet paint are the bane of any drone's existence in such settings. We had to carefully plot our flight paths to avoid getting dust in the drying paint or getting dust into the drone’s sensitive parts.

  • Physical Obstacles: With fans, wires, and other installations hanging from the ceiling, our flight paths were akin to an obstacle course. Precision and agility were paramount to ensure our drones didn't come into contact with any obstructions or get blown off course by air currents.

We brought our best tech to the table: a Mavic 3 Pro known for its stability and reliability, and a custom-built FPV (First Person View) drone that offered agile and dynamic flight capabilities. Piloted by none other than our CEO and COO—our top pilots—the drones had to be maneuvered with extreme care!

Crafting the Story

With the raw footage in hand from multiple days of shooting, the next challenge was to stitch together a coherent and engaging narrative. This task fell to our CEO, Archer Tesla, who also serves as our director of videos. Her expertise in storytelling through visual media turned what could have been disjointed clips into a seamless and compelling video.

The editing process involved extensive color correction to ensure visual consistency across shots taken on different days, under varying lighting conditions. We also integrated text overlays provided by the client, which were crucial for contextualizing the visuals and enhancing the informational value of the video. This post-production phase was as crucial as the shoots themselves, transforming raw footage into a polished, professional presentation that met and exceeded client expectations.

Looking Forward

We’re incredibly proud of the video we created for ISEC and the chance to document such a significant development in our city. Projects like these remind us of the power of drone technology—not just to observe, but to celebrate human ingenuity and collaboration. The thrill of flying through the evolving skeleton of the Seattle Convention Center, knowing that we were part of its story, was something truly special. It felt like we were builders too, contributing in our unique way by preserving this moment in time through our lenses.

Stay tuned for more stories from the skies as we continue to explore, capture, and share the world from a unique perspective. Whether soaring over cityscapes or flying through construction sites, we at Teslas Drones are always on the lookout for the next exciting project. Here’s to many more flights, captures, and collaborations! Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey.

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