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Exploring the Everett Marina: Our Project with Sea Dog Line

Hello readers! Today, I'm thrilled to share one of our coolest adventures—a spectacular project that took us to the beautiful Everett Marina, where we had the privilege of working with the renowned Sea Dog Line. Known for their exceptional marine hardware, Sea Dog Line has been a staple in the boating community, particularly here in Snohomish County, where they've been thriving for over a century!

Setting Sail with Sea Dog

When Sea Dog Line approached us with a unique challenge, we were more than excited to help this long-standing company inject new technology into their arsenal! They were gearing up to create their 2023 catalog and sought our expertise in aerial photography to gather striking images of Everett Marina. We were tasked with collecting an array of photos to not only populate their catalog but to serve as the inspiration for a hand-painted watercolor piece made by a local artist that would then become the cover of the catalog.

From Pixels to Paint

Once the shoot was over, the real magic began. These images were destined for something truly special—not only were they to be featured in Sea Dog Line's new 2023 catalog, but in an exciting turn of events, our photographs were set to inspire and serve as a base for a hand-painted watercolor painting by John Quanrud, an incredibly talented artist and a fellow alumnus of the University of Washington.

With a rich background in Painting, Graphic Design, and Architecture, and a portfolio boasting commissions from giants like Disney, Starbucks, and Alaska Airlines, John was the perfect artist to bring Everett Marina to life through his watercolor paintings. The opportunity to have our drone-captured images translated into a watercolor painting by such a talented artist was both an honor and a thrill to watch happen!

Reflecting on a Job Well Done

Working with Sea Dog, a company rooted so deeply in the maritime tradition of Snohomish County and with such a significant legacy in Everett, was an honor.

This project was a vivid reminder of the power of visual storytelling, whether through the lens of a drone or the brush of an artist. It was a partnership that not only highlighted the beauty of Everett Marina but also underscored the endless possibilities when different creative disciplines converge.

If you'd like to take a look at the catalog yourself, feel free to check out the link below! We highly recommend them for any of your boating needs.


Thank you for joining us on this visual voyage. Stay tuned for more stories from above and beyond as we continue to explore, capture, and inspire with every flight. At Teslas Drones, we're not just flying drones; we're expanding horizons and creating visual legacies, one project at a time.

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